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Virtual communities

February 13 2002
Daniel Pargman


CSCW has traditionally had a strong focus on work . That is a natural consequence, following from the fact that computers for a long time have been expensive and rare. This is however changing as computing power becomes accessible to more people and thus also have an impact on life-outside-work. The lecture presents a perspective of CSCW beyond work, of computers entering the everyday lives and everyday activities of an increasing number of persons.


CSCW will be broadened with an emphasis on non-instrumental activities. Special emphasis will be put on so-called collaborative virtual environments (CVEs) and on MUD systems. These systems can be used for several different purposes; for supporting education, for gaming and for purely social purposes. The lecture will discuss how these types of systems can be used to support existing (off-line) communities or to create a new type of phenomenon; virtual communities.



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