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Datorstöd för samarbete (2D1416, HMI 653), 2002

Computer Supported Cooperative Work - CSCW

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The main langugage of this course is Swedish

Always in seminar room 1537, floor 5

Schedule for lectures and lab introductions
Laboration assignments

Schedule for lectures (F) and lab introductions

Wed 30/1  13-17  F1+F2 
Lab 1+2
Introduction to CSCW
Intro to lab 1
Kerstin Severinson Eklundh 
Groupware concepts (I)
Intro to lab 2
Henrry Rodriguez
Wed 6/2 13-17  F3+F4 
Lab 3
Groupware concepts (II)
Cristian Bogdan
Collaborative Writing
Intro to lab 3
Henrry Rodriguez
Wed 13/2 13-17  F5+F6 
Lab 4
Virtual communities
Intro to lab 4 (Cristian Bogdan)
Daniel Pargman
Lecture Postponed
Wed 20/2 13-17  F7+F8
Lab 5
Collaborative virtual environments
Intro to lab 5
Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro & Eva-Lotta Sallnäs
MUDs in collaborative learning environments
Tessy Cerratto
Wed 27/2 13-17  F9+F10
Lab 6 
Distributed Cognition
Henrik Artman
Sociological perspectives in CSCW
Intro to lab 6 
Maria Normark
Wed 13/3 13-17 F11+F12  Face-to-Face conversation and CSCW
Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh
Workplace studies
Maria Normark
Wed 17/4 13-17   Social navigation of information space
Tessy Cerratto
Discussion about project ideas I
Wed 24/4 13-17   Discussion about project ideas II
Wed 30/4      Project deadline I
Wed 8/5 13-17   Project deadline II and project presentation I
Wed 15/5 13-17   Project presentation II

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Lab assignments

If you have any questions about  a lab, please contact the responsible teacher!
No. Introduction Deadline Teacher Title
Lab1 30 Jan 4 Feb Henrry Rodriguez Reflect and write about a CSCW experience
Lab2  4 Feb 18 Feb Henrry Rodriguez Sharing and commenting on documents with the Domain Help system
Lab3  6 Feb Week 6-7 Henrry Rodriguez Synchronous collaboration with Aspects
Lab4  13 Feb Week 8 Cristian Bogdan Problem solving in synchronous environments
Lab5  20 Feb Week 9 Eva-Lotta Sallnäs
Anders Hedman
Shared virtual environments
Lab6 27 Feb  30 April or 
8 May
Kerstin S. Eklundh
Maria Normark
Individual assignment

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The literature consists of a paper collection, the list can be found here. The paper collection will cost 100:-

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