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Literature CSCW 2001

The  articles  are  listed in the lecture order.  Some  of  the articles  are  marked  as extra  reading  for  the  Ph.D. Students (doktorander, only marked in this list).


No readings

F2, 3


1.   Dix, A., Finlay, J., Abowd, G. & Beale, R. (1997, 1993)
Human-Computer Interaction. New York: Prentice
  Hall. (Chapter 13)
2.   Ellis, C.A., Gibbs, S.J., & Rein, G.L. (1991) 
Groupware: Some issues and experiences. Communications of  the ACM, Vol. 34, No. 1.
3.   Fuchs, L., Pankoke-Babatz, U., and Prinz, W. (1995)
  Supporting Cooperative Awareness with Local Event Mechanisms: The GroupDesk
  System. In the proceedings of ECSCW 95, pp.247-262

For PhD students,

4.   Cockburn, A. J. G. and Thimbleby, H. (1991) A reflexive
  perspective of CSCW, SIGCHI Bulletin July 1991, vol. 23,
  no. 3. pp. 263-278.



5.   Sharples, M., Goodlet, J.S., Beck, E.E., Wood, C.C.,
  Easterbrook, S.M. & Plowman, L. (1993) Chapter 2:
  Research issues in the study of computer-supported
  collaborative writing. In M. Sharples (ed.) Computer-
  Supported Collaborative Writing. London: Springer-Verlag.

For PhD students

6.   Using Web annotations for asynchronous collaboration
  around documents. Cadiz, J., Gupta, A., and Grudin, J.
  Proceedings of CSCW 2000, pp. 309-318.


7.   Dourish P (1999) "Where the Footprints Lead :
  tracking down other roles for social navigation". in
  Hook, K.,Benyon, D., Munro, A., (eds) Social navigation
  of information space. Chapter 2, pp.15-32, Springer.


8.   "Talk and embodiment in Collaborative Virtual
  Environments", John Bowers, James Pycock and Jon O'Brien,
  Proceedings of CHI '96, April 1996, pp 58-65.
9.   Hindmarsh, J, Fraser, M, Heath, C., Benford, S.,
  Greenhalgh C.; Fragmented Interaction: Establishing
  mutual orientation in virtual environments, In the
  proceedings of CSCW 98, Seattle WA. pp 217-226


Voluntary reading: Anders Hedmans lic thesis (will be
handed out at the dissertation) Chapter 2; Tools and
Users + Chapter 4: Visitor Orientation



10.  Coulon, A. (1995). Chapter 3 in Ethnomethodology.
  London, SAGE Publications.ISBN 0-8039-4777-1.82 p.
11.  Blomberg, J., J. Giacomi, A. Moscher and P. Swenton-
  Wall (1993). Ethnographic Field Methods and Their
  Relation to Design. Participatory Design: Principles and
  Practices. D. Schuler and A. Namioka. Hillsdale, New
  Jersey, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates: 123-155.


12.  Kjeld Schmidt, (1994), Chapter 2 Modes and
  Mechanisms of Interaction in Cooperative Work, ;
  Cooperative Work, 25 p. Technical Report, Risoe National
  Laboratory, Roskilde, Denmark.


13.  Dix et al, Human-Computer Interaction, chapter 14.
14.  Clark, H.H. & Brennan, S.E. (1991) Grounding in
  communication. In L.B. Resnick, R.M. Levine, & S.D.
  Teasley (eds.) Perspectives on socially shared cognition.
  Reprinted in Baecker (ed.) (1993), Readings in Groupware
  and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work.



15.  Bannon, L. (1989). Issues in Computer-Supported
  Collaborative Learning. Proceedings of NATO. Advanced
  Workshop on Computer-supported Collaborative learning.
  Maratea, Italy. September 1989.


16.  Lave, J. & Wenger, E. ( 1991). Legitimate Peripheral
  Participation. In Situated learning.Legitimate Peripheral
  Participation. Chapter 1.



17.  Harper, R.H.R. and J.A. Hughes (1993). What a f-ing
  system! Send 'em all to the same place and then expect us
  to stop 'em hitting. Managing technology work in air
  traffic control. Technology in Working Order. Studies of
  work, interaction, and technology. G. Button. London and
  New York, Routledge: 127-144.


18.  Schmidt, Kjeld (2000): 'The critical role of
  workplace studies in CSCW', in Christian Heath, Jon
  Hindmarsh, and Paul Luff (eds.): Workplace Studies:
  Recovering Work Practice and Informing Design, Cambridge
  University Press, Cambridge



19.  JP: Dourish ( 1998) Introduction : The state of
  play. In CSCW Journal of collaborative computing, special
  issue on interaction anc collaboration in Muds. Vol. 7
  nos 1-2.
20.  Schlager, M., Fusco, J.,Schank, P. ( 1998)
  Cornerstones for an On-line Community of Education
  Professionals. Technology and Society, 17 (4).


21.  Shank, P., Fenton, J., Schlager, M., Fusco, J.(1999)
  From MOO to MEOW : Domesticating technology for online
  communities. Proceedings of the Third International
  Conference on Computer Support for Collaborative
  learning.CSCL '99, Stanford, CA December, 1999.


No material

Extra article (Kerstin)

22. Whittaker, S. and B. O'Conaill (1997). The Role of Vision in
Face-to-Face and Mediated Communcation. In:
Video-Mediated Communication. K. E. Finn, A. J. Sellen and
S. B. E. Wilbur, Lawrence Erlbaum Assocates.

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