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Lab 6: Individual assignment

Read the final reports

This lab will be introduced further 14th of March 2001

Deadline I (idea)

           21st of March 2001

Deadline II (report)

            2nd of May 2001


            Kerstin Severinson Eklundh
           Maria Normark


In this lab you should (individually or in small groups) examine a system that is used for supporting cooperation (a groupware) and write a paper about it. The system could e.g. be a communication tool, a collaboration tool, a game, etc. The focus should be on the cooperative aspects of the artifact. This lab is larger than the others are and the results will be considered when we set the grades. Kerstin and Maria are resources during this lab and will help you if you get stuck.
The lab includes the following steps: The paper that you write should include the following:

Things to consider


Research databases