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Laboratory exercise 5 - a shared virtual environment

Introduction 19/2 - Deadline 16/3


Eva-Lotta Sallnäs
Anders Hedman


To experience collaboration in a shared virtual environment and attempt to perform a task in it. Demonstrate embodiment, navigation and manipulation in virtual spaces.This exercise is tied to the lecture on collaborative virtual environments.
A workstation capable of running Active Worlds. For practical purposes we will use available equipment at NADA.


This exercise will take place in Nalen, room 1639 and 1640 on the 6th floor of Osquars Backe 2. The exercise will be done in pairs during week 11.

Starting up

We will use the Active Worlds system.

The task

Your task is to collaborate in a 3D virtual environment with another person. You will both read a scenario that describes your task in detail when the laboration starts. When you are finished with the task you will fill in a questionnaire.


After the event, please send a message to Eva-Lotta with your comments about your experiences during the exercise including the following points/issues:

-What was easy to do?

-What was diffucult?

-What should be done differently?

-Did you feel that you could help each other?

-What did you feel was unique?

-To what extent did you feel that you could interact socially?

Navigation tips

You can navigate in this space using the following methods:

The keyboard vehicle:

Up/Down arrow moves you forwards/backwards;
Left/Right arrow turns you left/right;
Pressing Ctrl as well speeds up the motion.

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