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Lab 2. Sharing and commenting on documents with the Domain Help system

Introduction 31/1 2001 - Deadline 19/2 2001
Kerstin Severinson Eklundh, Henrry Rodriguez
1. Sharing experiences of collaboration with and without computer support.
2. Using and evaluating a Web-based tool for collaborative authoring and commenting.
The lab requires Internet access and basic familiarity with the World Wide Web.
Tools: A Web browser
The Domain Help System (DHS), developed within a project at CID (Centre for User-Oriented IT Design) and IPLab (Interaction and Presentation Laboratory). DHS is a prototype system designed to support reviewing and commenting on Web documents.


The lab consists of the following parts.

Way of reporting

Your report for this lab will consist of 1) your contribution entered into DHS (really the result of lab 1), 2) the comments make using the DHS to others' experiences and comments, 3) a filled-out questionnaire (web-based about 15-20 min to fill) which will be distributed later.


The lab is carried out asynchronously, and should be completed before Feb. 18.

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