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Visitor Orientation: Human-Computer Interaction in Digital Places

Licenciate Dissertation
Anders Hedman, CID

Opponent: Ralf Schröder

February 21 2001 10.00 - NB! in room E1!


The thesis presents a visitor-oriented perspective on human-computer interaction and offers it as an alternative or complement to user-orientation. The theisis reports from studies of visitors in digital environments with strong connotations of place. The main findings are that visitors have unique needs going beyond usability needs.
In order to explain the visitor-oriented perspective a comparison with the user-oriented perspective is presented. Limitations of the user-oriented perspective are brought to the foreground and ist dominance in questioned.  The domincance of the user-oriented perspective in human-computer interaction is questioned  against the background of a growing field of practical possiblities inherent in: the online world, the world of gaming, and the virtual environments. In these settings, the subject is often more of a visitor than a user.

Proposed reading for the CSCW class

From Anders Hedmans thesis (will be handed out during the dissertation)
  • Chapter 2; Tools and Users p 15
  • Chapter 4: Visitor Orientation

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