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Web navigation of information space

        Friday the 18th February
        Tessy Cerratto


Discuss cognitive problems when navigating the Web.


Navigating the web has its difficulties. Information can be very hard to find and sometimes not even found at all, although it can be there, in the very documents that are being screened. How do we navigate in the information space ? How do we perceive, select and understand text ?


  • Dourish P (1999) "Where the Footprints Lead : tracking down other roles for social navigation". in Hook, K.,Benyon, D., Munro, A., (eds) Social navigation of information space. Chapter 2, pp.15-32, Springer.
  • Zeiliger, R., (1998), "Supporting Constructive Navigation of Web Space", Paper presented at the Workshop on Personalised and Social Navigation in Information Space, organised by Höök, K.,Benyon, D., Munro, A..- 16th-17th March 98, Stockholm, Sweden. 9 pages.
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