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Examinator Yngve Sundblad


A graduate seminar at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sept. 1-24, 2003
Contact at NADA: Bj–rn Thuresson

Instructor - Professor Marsha Kinder, Chair of Critical Studies in the School of Cinema-Television at the University of Southern California, and Director of The Labyrinth Project, an art collective and research initiative on interactive narrative at USC's Annenberg Center forCommunication.

News & Updates

Goals of course




Detailed schedule


News & Updates


The screening on Monday September 8th is out. The Pillow Book will be shown on Wednesday September 10th instead.


There have been some changes in the schedule. Make sure your notes are correct - and I hope there are no collisions...


Some general information: all lectures and screenings are in room 1537, Lindstedtsvägen 3, floor 5. A compendium incl. all readings is available either on the first day (Monday, Sept 1st) or via Björn Thuresson. The total cost is SEK500.



1) To generate new lines of theoretical inquiry and to encourage future experimental practice in interactive narrative by bringing these discursive topics together in new ways.
2) To explore how the emergence of digital interactive narratives challenges traditional narrative theory, and how narrative theory can possibly expand our conception of interactive forms.
3) To consider previous intersections between narrative and interactivity in non-digital art forms (such as, literature, drama, cinema and television) and to historicize those relations.


1) Do the assigned readings and participate in class discussion. Students should come to class having read all of the readings listed for that day.
2) Present an existing digital interactive narrative (an electronic game, cd-rom, dvd, website, or installation) to the class that you think addresses interesting narrative issues and explain (in written handout) how it could be changed to enhance these qualities. Sign-up sheet and more detailed instructions will follow. They begin Sept. 10th.
3) Brief treatment or conceptual design (max. 5 pgs) for an interactive narrative that addresses issues discussed in class. This treatment can be the basis for the final seminar project. Due Friday, September 21st.
4) A seminar project (either an essay or creative prototype) that addresses key issues discussed in the course and that will be discussed during final session. Essays will be read by entire class (and thus must be circulated in advance); prototypes will be demonstrated and discussed during final session. Creative work must be accompanied by brief (5 pgs) critical statement explaining how it addresses issues discussed in class. EVERY STUDENT MUST PARTICIPATE IN THIS FINAL SESSION--both turning in a project and responding to projects by others.


A compendium is available for SEK 500 including all readings (1100 pages). You can either get it beforehand by contacting Björn Thuresson or at the start of the course, Monday September 1st.

On narrative theory

Barthes, Roland, S/Z (Hill & Wang, 1974)
Branigan, Edward, NARRATIVE COMPREHENSION & FILM (Routledge, 1992)
Brooks, Peter, READING FOR THE PLOT (Harvard University Press, 1992)
Deleuze, Gilles, THE TIME-IMAGE (U of Minnesota Press, 1989)
Genette, Gerard, NARRATIVE DISCOURSE (Cornell UP, 1983)
Huizinga, Johan HOMO LUDENS (Beacon, 1950)

On new media theory

Darley, Andrew, VISUAL DIGITAL CULTURE (Routledge, 2000)
Harries, Dan, ed. NEW MEDIA BOOK (BFI or U of California Press, 2002)
Herz, J.C., JOYSTICK NATION (Little,Brown& Co, 1997)
Landow, George, HYPERTEXT (Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 1992)
Manovich, Lev, THE LANGUAGE OF NEW MEDIA (MIT Press, 2000)
Murray, Janet, HAMLET ON THE HOLODECK(The Free Press, 1997)
Wolfe, Mark, MEDIUM OF THE VIDEO GAME (U of Texas Press, 2002)


All lectures and screenings in room 1537, Lindstedtsvägen 3, 5th floor

#1 Monday 1/9
9-12 Lecture
13-16 Screening

#2 Wed 3/9
9-12 Lecture
13-16 Screening

#3 Thurs 4/9
9-12 Lecture
13-16 Screening

Mon 8/9
13-16 Screening

#4 Wed 10/9
9-12 Lecture
13-16 Screening

#5 Thurs 11/9
9-12 Lecture
13-16 Screening

#6 Fri 12/9
9-12 Lecture
13-16 Screening

#7 Mon 15/9
9-12 Lecture
13-16 Screening

#8 Wed 17/9
9-12 Lecture
13-16 Screening

#9 Fri 19/9
9-12 Lecture
13-16 Screening

#10 Mon 22/9
9-12 Lecture
13-16 Screening

Wed 24/9
9-16 Presentations

Detailed schedule

10 lectures -- each 3 hour:
11 film screenings

Room 1537, Lindstedtsvägen 3, 5th floor

Lecture #1, Monday, Sept. 1st: NARRATIVE

What is narrative? What are its essential components? What's at stake in its cognitive, ideological and aesthetic functions?
Interactive Presentation: Bleeding Through Layers of Los Angeles
Film screenings: La jetČe and The Matrix
Readings: Genette, Narrative Discourse: 21-32, 33-85 = 63 pages
Branigan, Narrative Comprehension: xi-xv, 1-32, 202-217 = 52 pages
Harries, The New Media Book: 119-132 = 13 pages

Lecture #2, Wednesday, Sept. 3rd: INTERACTIVITY & INTERFACE DESIGN

Interactivity as fetish and false promise? How does it function in prior non-digital narrative forms--such as theater, novels, movies and television? What is its relationship to interface design?
Interactive Presentation: Dawn at My Back: Memoir of a Black Texas Upbringing
Film screening: Celine & Julie Go Boating
Readings: Darley, Visual Digital Culture: 1-36 = 35 pages
Harries, The New Media Book: 144-154 = 10 pages
Stone, The War of Desire: 1-32 =32 pages
Manovich, The Language of New Media: 49-115 = 66 pages

Lecture #3, Thursday, Sept. 4th: AGENCY & AUTHORSHIP

Avatars and intelligent agents, characters & subjectivity, interactive memoirs
Interactive Presentation: Mysteries & Desires: Searching the Worlds of John Rechy
Film screening: Tecknolust and the AgentRuby website, or Wings of Desire
Readings: Barthes, S/Z: 1-30 = 30 pages
Landow, Hypertext: 71-100 = 29 pages
Murray, Hamlet on the Holodeck: 97-182 = 85 pages

Monday, Sept. 8th

Film screening: The Pillow Book

Lecture #4, Wednesday, Sept. 10th: DATABASE STRUCTURES

Database narratives and the archival impulse.
Interactive Presentation: Tracing the Decay of Fiction
Film screening: Phantom of Liberty
Readings: Manovich, xiv-xxxvi, 212-244 = 32 pages
Kinder, Screen Wars: 160-182 =22 pages

Lecture #5, Thursday, Sept. 11th: STORY NETWORKS & DISJUNCTIVE SPACE

Student interactive presentations begin
Film screenings: Toute une nuit
Readings: Kinder, Hot Spots: 2-15 = 13 pages
Kinder, Subversive potential: 2-16 = 14 pages
Genette, 113-160 = 47 pages


Narrative fields and spatial exploration: closure & the expanding middle
Student interactive presentations
Film screening: Last Year at Marienbad
Readings: Brooks, Reading for the Plot: xi-xviii, 3-61 = 67 pages
Wolf, The Medium of the Videogame: 51-75 = 24 pages
Manovich, 244-285, 309-313 = 45 pages

Brief treatment or conceptual design due

Lecture #7, Monday, Sept. 15th: REPETITION, MASTERY & THE PLAY DRIVE

Screening: Run Lola Run or Groundhog Day
Student interactive presentations
Readings: Brooks, 90-112, 216-237, 313-323 = 53
Huizinga, Homo Ludens: Foreword, 1-27, 89-105, 195-213 = 63
Wolf, 1-33, 93-112 = 52

Lecture #8, Wednesday, Sept. 17th: COMPRESSION & TIME TRAVEL

Film screening: Time Code or Until the End of the World
Readings: Deleuze, The Time Image, xv-xviii, 1-24, 68-125 = 84 pages
Manovich, 244-285 = 41 pages
Brooks, 264-285 = 21 pages


Film screening: Train of Shadows
Student interactive presentations
Readings: Manovich, 18-48 = 30 pages
Murray, 185-247 = 62 pages
Kinder, Uncanny Visions: 12-24 = 12 pages

Lecture #10, Monday, Sept. 22: GENRES & RECEPTION COMMUNITIES

Games, memoirs, city symphonies, serials, series, simulators and dreams
Readings: Herz, Joystick Nation: 1-31 = 31 pages
Gaming Capital: 92-119 = 57 pages
Harries, 157-182 = 25 pages
Wolf, 113-134 = 21 pages

Final essays due for distribution

Final Session:, Wednesday, Sept. 24th

Presentation and discussion of final projects



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