2D1392 Projekt

Projekt 2D1392

Each student will do a project on a topic of their choice that is relevant to the course. The project will be in the form of a written report and the student is also expected to give a talk on the selected subject.

The student is expected to study several papers or (parts) of book(s) or even documents available on the Web on the selected subject. The student is further expected to summarize the main ideas in the papers/books, to show understanding of the main contributions, criticize the weaknesses as well as to explain how the works fit in the bigger picture. Any efforts in trying to resolve outstanding issues and missing gaps are encouraged.

Further, the students are free to work in groups of maximum three or four. If someone however wants to do a project on their own, then this is OK too.

A presentation of the project is to be made in class during the last two weeks of class. Each student/group will be alloted about 10-15 minutes, and everyone is expected to be present. Further, questions and discussions are strongly encouraged on the projects presented.

However, observe please that the presentation of the project is not compulsory. Further, there is also no formal deadline for when the project should be delivered. The students are expected to deliver their reports when doing the presentation. One should also not forget that a student cannot be granted for the whole course if she/he is not granted for the report.

It is also important to know that good work will be rewarded with bonus in the form of 10% more credits at the final evaluation. The same comment is valid for the laboratory moment as well.

Here are some suggested topics:

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15 Juli 2001

Adrian Popescu