Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Entertainment
2D1381, Fall 2005

Instructor: Rand Waltzman



StarLogo Homework Assignment

Due Friday, December 23, 2005.



StarLogo is a remarkable, interesting, and FREE programming language developed at MIT.   It is based on the programming language LOGO that was originally developed for children to learn about programming.


Here is an excerpt from the StarLogo web site:


StarLogo is a programmable modeling environment for exploring the workings of decentralized systems -- systems that are organized without an organizer, coordinated without a coordinator. With StarLogo, you can model (and gain insights into) many real-life phenomena, such as bird flocks, traffic jams, ant colonies, and market economies.


In decentralized systems, orderly patterns can arise without centralized control. Increasingly, researchers are choosing decentralized models for the organizations and technologies that they construct in the world, and for the theories that they construct about the world. But many people continue to resist these ideas, assuming centralized control where none exists -- for example, assuming (incorrectly) that bird flocks have leaders. StarLogo is designed to help students (as well as researchers) develop new ways of thinking about and understanding decentralized systems.


Your task is to download StarLogo, learn how to use it, and write an interesting program implementing some kind of group behavior that you could imagine being used in some form of digital entertainment system.  I suggest you begin with the Tutorial that they offer on the web site.


You will turn in a report describing:


1.  Your experiences and impressions of this type of programming technique.

1.  A description of your program.

2.  An illustration of your program in action using any means you think appropriate.

3.  An appendix containing the code.



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