Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Entertainment
2D1381, Fall 2005

Instructor: Rand Waltzman



Final Report

Due Friday, January 6, 2006.



This is your chance to design a new form of digital entertainment.  Imagine that I am an executive at a major entertainment company.  Here is your chance to make a pitch for a new idea.  The report should be 5 to 10 pages.  You need to convince me that


1.  your idea is exciting

2.  you have a good idea of who your intended audience is and why

3.  you have a good idea of how your intended audience will interact with this exciting new form of entertainment

4.  you actually have a good chance of implementing it (i.e., you have identified appropriate technologies and can explain how they are going to contribute to making this idea a success).




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