Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Entertainment
2D1381, Fall 2005

Instructor: Rand Waltzman



Creatures Artificial Life Homework Assignment

Due Thursday, November 17, 2005.


The following text is taken from Creature Labs web site. 


“The original Creatures was a gaming and scientific phenomenon of which the author Douglas Adams famously said, ‘I first saw this program in the same week that evidence was discovered of life on Mars. This is more exciting.’


Docking Station is the exciting multiplayer game from the creators of the Creatures series!

This is no ordinary game. By playing with the Docking Station, you will be taking part in one of the largest-ever Artificial Life experiments. Not only will you be breeding your own unique artificial life forms, called Norns, but you will be able to connect your computer, through the internet, and form a part of a vast online world through which your Norns can wander at will. Best of all, it's completely free to download and play!”


Your assignment is to download Docking Station and experiment with creating your own artificial life forms and worlds.  You will also send some of your creatures out into the Norn universe to explore and seek out exciting new adventures.


I suggest that you start by reading the article What is Creature Labs' CyberLife?  This will give you a feel for the Creature Labs take on artificial life.  After that you should have a look at the Quick-Start Guide and the DS Manual.  Finally, you might want to check out some of the tutorials and articles on the Creature Development Network.


You will write a detailed account of your experiences and the results of your creative efforts.  The format of your report and its exact contents are up to you.  The main criterion is that it should give me a good idea of what you did and your impressions.  The report should be 5 to 10 pages.  It should be e-mailed to me in either Microsoft Word .doc or PDF format.



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