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2D1380 Artificial Intelligence

Final project

Project presentations will be held in room 523, Teknikringen 14 (5th floor). You have to be there on time in order to prepare. These are the dates:
Mon 24/10 8-12
Wed 26/10 13-17
Thu 27/10 8-12

The complete schedule is provided here here.

Each group has 30 min for the presentation including 10 min of questions. The presentations can be given in English or Swedish depending on your preference. There will be a projector in the room and a linux computer connected to the net.

The door into the corridor where room 523 is located is locked. This means that you will only be let into the room every half hours so be on time! DO NOT KNOCK ON THE DOOR INTO THE CORRIDOR. There are people working and they do not want to act door openers! We will open for you every half hour.
At the student office, there is a list of all available time slots - you book a time slot by writing your names in one of the free slots.

General info:

During the course, you will been given a number of project proposals that embody some of the concepts you have learned (or are about to learn) in 2D1380 AI course. You are supposed to choose and complete one of them. Course instructors will provide help and discussion once a week according to the timetable posted on the course web. We will give you feedback regarding your ideas toward solutions, sometimes even suggesting modifications and expansions. The main goal here is not to necessarily come up with completely new solutions to problems: you will have to show that you learned something and have the opportunity to gain relevant AI experience in the process.

Keep in mind that this is the major part of the course assessment and that it significantly affects your final grade. The deliverables will include a report, describing your approach and results as well as a presentation during the final week of the term.

Projects will be graded (U, 3,4,5) and they will account for 50% of the final course grade. It is required that they are performed in groups of 3 or 4 students.

Detailed project instructions can be found here.

Project 1: Minesweep

Source code for the Minesweep project is here.

Project 2: Text generator

Project 3: Implementation of an Expert System

Project 4: Tic-Tac-Toe system

Project 5: HMM based sign recognition

Source code needed for the HMM project is here.

Project 6: Intelligent Wharf Container System


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