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2D1380 Artificial Intelligence


Course evaluation is now available here.

Project and final course grades have now been posted on the notice board (Lindstedv. 3, pl. 3, under DATALOGI courses) and at the student expedition (same place that you handed in your homework). If you have any questions contact Dani (

The schedule for the presentations can be found here

Project presentations will be held in room 523, Teknikringen 14 (5th floor). There will be a projector in the room and a linux computer connected to the net. The door into the corridor where room 523 is located is locked. This means that you will only be let into the room every half hours so be on time! DO NOT KNOCK ON THE DOOR INTO THE CORRIDOR. There are people working and they do not want to act door openers! We will open for you every half hour.

The report should be no longer than 20 pages (excluding titlepages, etc and any source code listings that you might append to the report). You should send in the source code in electronic format along with the report.

Email in project reports to ALL lecturers by Monday 17.10 - the deadline is 5pm.

A stack of corrected homeworks have been found stashed away in another course's handout box. They are now available at the student office (same place were you handed them in). Please be sure to put them back in the right box when you are done looking for your homework.

There was an extra lab time on October, 11. Place: D41, Time:15-16.

Grading policy for homeworks:
Homework 1
200-280 (3), 281-350 (4), 351-400 (5)
Homework 2
450-630 (3), 631-800(4), 801-900 (5)

Project presentations will be held in room 523, Teknikringen 14 (5th floor). You have to be there on time in order to prepare. These are the dates:
Mon 24/10 8-12
Wed 26/10 13-17
Thu 27/10 8-12
Each group has 30 min for the presentation including 10 min of questions. At the student office, there is a sheet with a list of all available time slots - you book a time slot by writing your names in one of the free slots.

All students have to build project groups and choose a project. The information should be emailed to the course responsible by 2005-09-23.

First lecture will be given on Friday, September 2nd in E2 (10-12). All students that have not reported their course participation in LADOK should do so ASAP. You can do this at NADAs student office (Osquars backe 2 level 2). It is opened Mo-Fr 9.45­-11.30 and Mo-Th 12.45-­14.15.


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