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2D1380 Artificial Intelligence


General info, Homework 1, Homework 2

General info

There will be two homework assignments during the course. These will be available for download from this webpage according to the timetable . Homework assignments will be graded (U, 3,4,5) and each of them will account for 25% of the final course grade.

The homeworks have to be completed individually and handed in on time (see timetable ). Homework received too late will not be graded at all and will receive grade U.

You should hand in your homework at NADAs student office (address is Lindstedtsvägen 3, plan 2 and it is opened Mo-Fr 9.45­-11.30 and Mo-Th 12.45-­14.15 in the box with the number 2D1380.

Homework 1

Available here.

Deadline for submission passed.

Homework 2

Available here.

Deadline for submission passed.


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