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Aktuell kursomgång: period 2-4 05/06

Kursledare: Rand Waltzman
Datorpostadress(er): rand@nada.kth.se


Lecture Schedule and Assigned Readings

NOTE:  In the assigned readings below, Sommerville is the course text book:  “Software Engineering”, by Ian Sommerville, Pearson/Addison Wesley, 7th Edition, 2004.

Week 43 (10/24 – 10/28)

Sommerville Chapters 1, 2 and 3.  Although the books have come to the student book store, there is some doubt about whether the supply is sufficient.  So, until it is all sorted out you can read the overhead presentations for Chapters 1, 2 and 3.

Week 44 (10/31 – 11/4)

Sommerville Chapters 4 and 5.  Until the book supply situation at the student book store has been sorted out, you can read the overhead presentations for Chapters 4 and 5.

Please read the article on the Rational Unified Process in Wikipedia.  If you are not familiar with Wikipedia, here is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with it.  This online encyclopedia contains numerous tasty tidbits.  I highly encourage you to explore.

Week 45 (11/7 – 11/11)

Sommerville Chapters 6 and 7. 

I highly recommend looking at the following samples of Requirements Documents to help give you a better idea of what is expected of the Requirements Documents final deliverable for this part of the course.  If you look around, you can also find many more examples.

GSI Object Oriented On-line Off-line System GO4
Toss a Die To Reach A Goal

Week 46 (11/14 – 11/18)

Sommerville Chapter 8

Read at least one of the following two articles on writing use cases:
Use-case Model: Writing Requirements in Context by Andy Pols

Structuring Use Cases with Goals by Alistair Cockburn


In general, I think it is worth having a look at Alistair Cockburn’s web site devoted to use cases.


I highly recommend the following article on UML diagrams.  It is relatively short (compared to how these discussions can be) and will give you a good practical summary of the different diagram types.

Practical UML™: A Hands-On Introduction for Developers - by Randy Miller


Week 47 (11/21 – 11/25)


Sommerville Chapter 9 and Chapter 10
A power point presentation about style tips for writing use cases – Part A and Part B.
A power point presentation on Formal Methods.


Week 48 (11/28 – 12/2)

Sommerville Chapter 11 and Chapter 12

Readings for Spring 2006:

Week 4 (1/23 – 1/27)

Sommerville Chapter 13
The power point presentation from the lecture on Ajax.  This is an excellent example of an application architectural style that is currently emerging.  This material is optional but highly recommended.

Week 5 (1/30 – 2/3)

Sommerville Chapter 15

Week 6 (2/6 – 2/10)

Sommerville Chapter 16

Week 7 (2/13 – 2/17)

Sommerville Chapter 17 and Chapter 18

Week 12 (3/20 – 3/24)

Sommerville Chapter 19 and Chapter 21

Week 13 (3/27 – 3/31)

Sommerville Chapter 20

Week 14 (4/3 – 4/7)

Sommerville Chapter 22

Week 16 (4/17 – 4/21)

Sommerville Chapter 23 and Chapter 24

That’s all folks!!!


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