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Aktuell kursomgång: period 2-4 05/06

Kursledare: Rand Waltzman
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Project Questions and Answers


What happens if our group is late in turning in one of the project deliverables and how does it affect our chance of passing the course?

If you do not turn in all necessary project documentation in completed form by the stated deadlines, there will be a late penalty to pay.  Each group begins with 25 points (note that these 25 points are for Part A of the course – you will start out with a fresh number – as yet unspecified - of points at the beginning of Part B).  You will be charged 5 penalty points for each day (i.e., 24 hour period) any of the required project deliverables are late.  The late period begins one minute after the stated deadline.  This means you will be charged 5 points if I receive your work anytime during the following 24 hours.  One minute after that period you will be charged another 5 points, etc.  These charges are cumulative over the duration of Part A of the course (i.e., it is not 25 points per deliverable, but 25 points over the whole of Part A).  When you reach 0 points, you fail the course. (See also the Project Information and Administration pages of the course web site.)

Is it possible for some members of a project group to pass the project work part of the course requirements and not others?

No!  Each project group stands or falls together.  You either all pass or you all fail the project work part of the course requirements.  It is each group member’s responsibility to make sure that all work is completed and handed in on time.  Problems that cannot be resolved within the group must be reported to Rand before deadlines have passed.


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