2D1363, Mjukvarukonstruktion, 8 poäng

Aktuell kursomgång: period 2-4 05/06

Kursledare: Rand Waltzman
Datorpostadress(er): rand@nada.kth.se


Course News

All homework grades, project grades and final grades have now been posted to the RES system.  The project and final grades are under the heading “ten1”.  The first grade is your grade for the project.  The second is your grade for the course.  If there are any problems, I suggest you contact me as soon as possible.

Have a great summer! 

PS: For those who might be interested, I am teaching the course 2D1381: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Entertainment during periods 1 and 2 of the next academic year.  The students who took the course this year seemed to have a lot of fun.  I would like to extend a warm invitation to anybody who is interested to sign up for the course.  And tell your friends!  The more the merrier.

Additional times for final presentations have now been posted on Rand’s door for his groups.  The additional times are on Monday, May 29.  Those of you who have already signed up may NOT change your times.  Those that have not signed up had better do so right away.

I have decided to cancel Homework 14 to give everybody a chance to focus on their projects.  I trust that there won’t be any objections!

Homework 13 has now been posted.  Please be sure to note that you must send it to Rand.

Homework 12 has now been posted.  Please be sure to note that you must send it to Inge – or you know what.

Details about the Implementation Plan and required Manual and Final Report have now been posted.

Homework 11 has now been posted.  Please be sure to note that you must send it to Rand – or else.

There are 4 lectures remaining in the course.  I am pleased to report that we will have an exciting guest speaker at each of these lectures.  Attendance at these lectures is mandatory.  I expect everybody to attend.  And no, attendance will not be taken.  I have gone to a lot of trouble to line up a series of what I am sure will be extremely interesting and relevant speakers.  Here is the schedule:

Our guest speaker is Christer Hoberg from Epsilon.  Epsilon builds a wide variety of software and hardware systems.  They have over 800 employees in 30 offices throughout Sweden.  Christer is a specialist in Real Time Embedded Systems.  He will give an overview of the embedded-market in different sectors including telecom and automotive.  He will discuss the main issues involved in Real Time Embedded Software such as safety, quality assurance and architecture.  Finally, he will try to give you the benefit of insights he has gained in this field after many years of experience with examples of the difficulties of using an established development model when trying to develop something really new.  You can find more information about Epsilon at their website.

Our guest speaker will be Erik Johannisson, Chief Technical Officer of Pointsec.  Pointsec is a company specializing in computer security products and services.  It is one of the leading computer security companies in Sweden.  Here is a brief quote from their website:
“Pointsec protects more than 2,000,000 endpoints for some of the world’s best-known companies. With easy-to-use solutions that we guarantee you can deploy over any size network.”
Erik will be bringing along his chief architect.  Between the two of them, they will provide you with many insights into the practical problems of design, architecture, implementation and maintenance of computer security systems.

Our guest speaker will be Olov Björk of Grandezza Konsult AB.  Here is a brief quote from their website:
”Grandezza är ett oberoende konsultföretag med kompetens inom verksamhetsutveckling och IT. Vi hjälper våra kunder att förverkliga sina strategier genom tjänster inom Projekt- och programledning, Value Management (europastandard EN 12973:2000) samt systemdesign och arkitektur.”
Olov will talk to us about, among other things, the very tricky business of software valuation.  How can a company determine how much a particular piece of software is worth to them?  This is obviously a crucial question to both buyer and seller of any software system.  This is your chance to hear a first hand account of this problem from somebody with many years of experience in the field.

Our guest speaker will be Daniel Forslund, Departementssekreterare, Enheten för Hälso- och Sjukvård, Socialdepartementet. 
Daniel is the chairman of the Arbetsutskottet of the Nationella Ledningsgruppen för IT i Vård och Omsorg.  This group has recently (the policy document was released on March 15) completed the monumental task of formulating a coherent policy for the use of IT in health care.  Here are a few words about their effort taken from the project website:
“Nu presenteras en nationell IT-strategi för vård och omsorg.
Strategin anger en tydlig viljeinriktning: IT-användningen i vården måste samordnas för att vården ska bli ännu bättre för patienterna och resurserna användas mer effektivt. Bakom strategin ligger ett samarbete mellan företrädare för hälso- och sjukvården på nationell, landstings- och kommunal nivå.
Den IT-politiska strategigruppen har aktivt fokuserat på detta område, både i sin arbetsgrupp för vård och omsorg och som deltagare i referensgruppen till den nationella ledningsgruppen för IT-utveckling inom vård och omsorg. Det är ett viktigt arbete som ligger framför oss med förankring av strategin på olika nivåer och ett förberedande arbete med implementering av strategin.”

Daniel will discuss with us the process of formulating such a policy, its impact on the government as a consumer of IT products and services and its impact on the IT industry as supplier of these products and services.  This is a rare opportunity to hear about this important topic directly from the source. 

The Design Document Template is now available.  I have also pushed the due date forward to allow you more time.  I have also pushed the due date forward for the final project as well.  Please check out the Project Information page for exact dates.

Assigned readings and due dates for the remaining four homework assignments have been posted on the Readings and Homework pages respectively.

Homework 10 has now been posted.  It is due next Friday (24/2).

Homework 9 has now been posted.  It is due next Friday (17/2).

There was an error in the last posting (see immediately below).  It said that the lecture on 17/2/2006 would be from 1300-1500.  That was a mistake.  It is 1500-1700 exactly as it says in the schedule.  Sorry about any confusion.

Next week we will have a guest speaker at the lecture (Friday, 17/2/2006, 1500-1700, D1).  The speaker is Jakob Ehrensvärd, Chief Technical Officer for Cypak, one of the most innovative and exciting IT related companies in Sweden today (located in Gamla Stan here in Stockholm).

Jakob will talk about techniques and possibilities for system architecture and design using paperboard, pocket size, disposable computers! 

Cypak was ranked by FORTUNE Magazine as a top 25 “break out company” world wide.  Quoted from FORTUNE magazine press release, May 3, 2005:

Upstarts located in hotspots from San Diego to Beijing

New York, May 3, 2005: FORTUNE announced today its 13th annual 25 Breakout Companies. "What is a breakout company? These upstarts are changing the game; they're truly innovative companies from a frothy sea of poseurs," say Julie Schlosser and Matt Boyle who co-wrote the Intro."

Here is another interesting item about the company: (September 13, 2005)

“Cypak founder and entrepreneur Stina Ehrensvärd has been awarded Sweden's most prestigious IT-prize - The Golden Mouse - in the category "IT-person of the year". The prize honors those Swedish entrepreneurs, developers, users and others who have made greatest contributions to advance and promote IT.”

Attendance at this lecture is mandatory.  I expect everybody to come.  And no, there will be no attendance taken.

The will be an informational presentation by John-Philip Johansson from the Swedish Game Awards during the first 15 minutes of tomorrow’s lecture (Tuesday 7/2/2006) about the Swedish Game Award competition.  Stop by the lecture if you want to know what it is all about.  You are, of course, perfectly free to leave after the 15 minute presentation – I promise that you will not be penalized in any way by walking out after that!

I have made a change in the project requirements (in your favor I might add!).  Originally, you were supposed to produce a design document template and then produce the design document accordingly.  I have eliminated this requirement.  I will shortly be posting a set of guidelines for the design document that you must follow.  That will simplify things for you somewhat.  The due date for the design document itself has not changed.  See the Project Information page for details.

Homework 8 has now been posted.  It is due next Friday, 10/2/2006.

Signup sheets for the Requirements Review meetings are now available on Inge’s and Rand’s doors.  You must sign up with the person you turn in your work to.  And remember, first come first serve and times will go fast so don’t delay!

Homework 7 has now been posted.  It is due next Friday, 3/2/2006.  I have also posted a copy of the power point presentation on Ajax that I made at the last lecture.

Welcome Back!!!!
I have now updated the Readings page with a preliminary list of required readings for Period 3.  I might add items as I think appropriate, but these will certainly give you the basic idea of the material to be covered.  I have also updated the Administration page detailing the requirements for Part B of the course.  Homework assignments will be posted roughly one week before they are due (but not less than one week).  I will not post the homework assignments earlier than that – this is non-negotiable, so please don’t waste my time or yours by asking me about this.

Sample solutions for Homework 5 have now been posted.

For your convenience I have posted the power point presentation covering formal methods that I used in the lecture.  The reference will also be found in the Readings section of this site.  It covers some interesting material not presented in the book.

Homework 6 has now been posted.  Please direct all questions concerning Homework 6 to Inge Frick, inge@nada.kth.se.  Also, as was the case for Homework 5, you must submit Homework 6 to Inge.  If you send it to Rand, it will be lost.

The organizational meeting for the project A System for the Design and running of Psychophysical Tests will be held tomorrow, November 30, from 1500-1700 in Room E53.

inge@nada.kth.se.  IF YOU SEND ANY PROJECT WORK TO RAND IT WILL BE LOST!  However, feel free to send any general questions about the project work to Rand.

Sample solutions have been posted for Homework 3 and Homework 4.

I have posted the power point presentation from the lecture on formal methods because it has a lot material not covered in the text.

For those who might be interested, the links to the power point presentations on style tips for writing use cases (Part A and Part B) were broken but are now fixed.

Homework 5 has now been posted.  Note that you must submit Homework 5 to Inge Frick, inge@nada.kth.se.  If you send it to Rand, it will be lost.

The readings for next week have been posted.  Also, I have updated the readings for this past week with power point presentations I made at the lecture on style tips for writing use cases (Part A and Part B).

A general note about meeting times for the project organizational meetings.  All meetings will actually begin promptly at 1515.  I am putting this note here just avoid any confusion that might be caused by having said that the meetings would be from 1500-1700.  Most students take this for given, but not all guest speakers, so it often necessary to make this clear.

Time and place for the organizational meeting for Project 4 (on neural nets) have now been added to the project list.

Times and places for the organizational meetings for the first 3 projects on the project list have now been posted.

It is my policy to send a receipt for all items submitted by e-mail.  So, if you send me something and do not get a receipt, there is an excellent chance that I did not get it.  A common reason for this is an incorrect subject header.  So, it is better to be safe than sorry and resubmit if you have not heard from me by the next day.  And I repeat, if you send me something with an incorrect subject header, it was never sent as far as I am concerned.  This is your final warning.

I have made a major update to the Project Information page.  You need to read all of it through very carefully.  Among other things, it now has a detailed schedule of project deliverables for the remainder of the course (both Part A and Part B).  There is also crucial information about project selection.  I strongly advise you to not delay in reading through this.

The required reading for next week (Week 47).

I have made an addition to this week’s reading (Week 46).  I have an included an excellent but brief article on UML diagrams.  I highly recommend that you read it.  It will come in very useful.

Homework 4 has now been posted.  Also, a set of sample solutions (I call these samples because the answers are not always unique) for Homework 2 has been posted.

The required reading for next week has now been posted.

I have updated the Due Date on project deliverable #1 to include the time and the required subject header for your e-mail submission.  The time is 1200 hours and the e-mail subject header is “2D1363 RDT Group X” where X is your group number.  Remember, only one submission per group.  I strongly urge whoever submits your group’s work to CC all of the other members of the group.  Mistakes will be costly so the more eyes checking things over, the better.

I have posted sample solutions for Homework 1.  These solutions will be available for about a week.  They will then be removed.  Please do not ask for them to be left on the web site longer than the time I have allowed.  If you want them, one week should be sufficient for you to download them.

The first project deliverable (with due date) has now been posted.  I suggest you get started on this ASAP.

The policy for dealing with project deliverables that are turned in late has now been posted (see Administration, Project Questions and Answers, and Project Information pages).  It is absolutely imperative that you read this policy and understand it without delay.  It will be applied without mercy.

The reading assignments for this week have been updated.

The Project Group Assignments have now been posted.  Please be sure to look the list over carefully.  I think I have managed to satisfy all requests.  If for some reason you e-mailed me your request and do not find your name in one of the groups, please contact me (Rand) immediately.  I strongly urge you to contact your group mates as soon as possible and set up a line of communications so that when the first project deliverable is announced (within the next few days – keep reading this news page) you will be able to get right on it as a group.

I have now added the Project Questions and Answers page.  One important question has already been posted and answered and I recommend that you take a look at it right away.  It covers a point that I might not have made very clear at the beginning.  Since it has to do with the grading of the course, I have updated the course Administration page accordingly.

The reading for Week 45 has now been posted.

Ooops!  Several hours ago I posted Homework 3 as Homework 2 by mistake.  This has now been corrected.

Homework 2 has now been posted.

I have made an addition to the required reading for this week.  It is a relatively short but very useful article on the Rational Unified Process in Wikipedia, a fabulous online encyclopedia.  If you are not familiar with Wikipedia, I strongly encourage you to browse around.

If you can’t find 4 people to form a group for your project (for example, you could only get together 2 or 3), there is no problem.  Send me the group that you have and I will try to assign additional people to come up the 4 required.  So, for example, if you have a group with 3 people, send that to me and request one additional person to be assigned.  It is also no problem if you could not find anybody to work with.  Just send me your name as I previously instructed and I will place you in a group.  I can’t promise to satisfy all group requests with less than 4 people, but I will make every effort.  If the numbers don’t work out, I might have to break up some of the groups requested.  The only guarantee I can make is that everybody will end up in some group.

There might be a problem when registering with the Res system if you use upper case letters for the course code (i.e., MVK05).  If you have such a problem, use lower case letters (i.e., mvk05).

Please be sure to register as soon as possible for the course in the Res system.  The course code is MVK05.  The group number that the Res program requests is not important.  Your registration in the course is not complete until you check-in with Res.  The deadline for this registration is Friday, November 4 at 1200.


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