Course Literature and Other Recommended Reading

There is one text assigned for the course:

Debugging Java
Will David Mitchell
McGraw-Hill 2000

This book is available at Akademibokhandeln at a pretty reasonable price.

I highly recommend that you read this book carefully.  I will not discuss this material as such in the lectures.  You will not be examined (there is no tenta anyway) on any of this material.  If that is your primary motivation for reading a text, then save your money.  However, if you really want to learn something extremely useful for a person at this stage of your career, then I strongly suggest you read this book.  The practical knowledge you will gain will be a great help to you while you are doing the project required for this course.

The other literature for the course will be my lecture notes.  I will make some of them available on the web in the form of Powerpoint presentations.

During the course I will recommend other (non-obligatory) readings as the need arises.