2D1350, Programmeringsparadigm, 4 poäng

Period 4, Academic Year 1999/2000

A formal course description for the course can be found in the Student Handbook.

WARNING!!! The course description in the handbook does not match the course as it is actually going to be during Spring 2000. The handbook for next year will be updated. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion that this might cause.

Instructor: Rand Waltzman.

Registration Information

Current Course Description

Project Assignments:
Containing the project names corresponding to the project number you have been assigned.

Project Review Schedules:
The times, places, and contact persons for your design and implementation reviews.

Project Grading Policy

Project Due Date: Friday, May 19, 1200 Hours.
You must turn in two copies of your report.
They must be left in a box outside Rand's office door. 1200 Hours is a hard deadline. Late papers will not be accepted unless prior arrangement has been made with Rand.

Project Competition Finals: Please Note Earlier Start Tiime: 0900
Friday, May 26, 0900-1200 Hours, Room D1.
Ten finalists will be selected from the written reports. These finalists will then have the chance to get up and make a presentation of their project. There will be a panel of professional judges present. Judgements will be rendered and prizes handed out at the end of the session.

Please come out and support your classmates by being there and cheering them on.


Leo Sutic
Albert Dunberg and Erik Hansson
Mengmeng Du and Claes Huittinen
Yakub Gevcen and Andreas Eriksson
Karin Almstedt and Peter Larsson
John Lundin and Robert Norman
Markus Alm and Sara Andersson
Andreas Jansson and Oskar Wiksten
Martin Johansson and Angel Moskov
Andreas Öhrvall and William Sporrong

Once again, congratulations to one and all.

NOTE: All ten finalists win a prize!

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