Project Grading Policy:

Your grade in the course will be based solely on a written report describing your project.  Your written report must consist of the first three of the following 5 items clearly marked. The last two items must be put in a public directory where I can access them. The Javadoc documentation will be in the form of HTML files and the source code for your project should be accessible as .java text files:

Points will be assigned according to the following:

Design Review:                 5
Implementation Review          5
User Manual                   10
Design Document               10
Implementation Document       10
JavaDoc Documentation         10
Documented Code               50
TOTAL                        100

You will need 50 points to pass.  The grade cutoffs for grades of 4 and 5 will be determined once the papers are scored.

You will not be graded on the number of features that you implement.  The main thing we will be looking for is whether the decisions you made were carefully thought through and how well you were able to express your ideas in the report.  The importance of the quality of your code goes without saying.