Homework Assignments and Solutions
for INDA Fall 98

Homework 1A (Due 15/9/98)
Homework 1B (Due 15/9/98)
Homework 1A Solutions
Homework 1B Solutions

Homework 2A
Homework 2B
Homework 2B, Solutions (HTML, PostScript)

Homework 3A (Due 6/10/98)
Homework 3B (Due 6/10/98)
Homework 3B, Solutions (HTML, PostScript)

Homework 4A (Due 13/10/98)
Homework 4B (Due 13/10/98)
Homework 4B, Solutions (HTML, PostScript)

Homework 5A (Due 5/11/98)
Homework 5B (Due 5/11/98)

Homework 6A (Due 17/11/98)
Homework 6B (Due 17/11/98)

Homework 7A (Due 24/11/98)
Homework 7B (Due 24/11/98)

Homework 8A (Due 1/12/98)
Homework 8B (Due 1/12/98)

Homework 9A (Due 29/1/99)
Homework 9B (Due 29/1/99)
Homework 9B solutions for part 1 and part 2. Use File/Save As, then compile and run in the usual way.

Homework 10A (Due 5/2/99)
Homework 10B (Due 5/2/99)

Homework 11A (Due 12/2/99)
Homework 11B (Due 12/2/99)

Homework 12A (Due 19/2/99)
Homework 12B (Due 19/2/99)

Homework 13A (Due 26/2/99)
Homework 13B (Due 26/2/99)

Homework 14A (Due 5/3/99)
Homework 14B (Due 5/3/99)