Course Literature and Other Recommended Reading

There are two required text books for the course.  One text for the basics of programming and one for the Algorithms and Data Structures part of the course.  The programming text is:
Java: How to Program (3rd Edition)
Deitel and Deitel
ISBN 0-13-012507-5
For the Algorithms and Data Structures part of the course you can choose one of the following two books:
Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (2nd Edition)
M.T. Goodrich and R. Tamassia
ISBN 0-471-38367-8

Data Abstraction and Problem Solving with JAVA
F.M Carrano and J.J. Prichard
ISBN 0-201-70220-7

All three of these books are new for this year. I don't know if they are available at the bookstore on campus - at least I have not ordered the books through them.  I have made a special arrangement with an online computer book store at for the 'Deitel and Deitel' and 'Carrano and Prichard' books.  I will be posting reading assignments for all of these books.  If you find other books you like better covering the same material and don't want to read these, be my guest.  My only caution is that you will be held responsible for the material that is assigned.  So, if you read another book(s), make sure it (they) cover the same material.

You will also be required to read Sun's Java Coding Conventions document.

 There are also some web sites that I strongly recommend:

 The Java 2 Documentation Page

This page contains pointers to the complete set of official Java documentation. This includes the complete language definition as well as an infinitely gory detailed description of the Java API. There is also a pointer to an excellent Java tutorial as well as to a page listing a variety of on-line Java courses that you can work through. There are many other goodies to numerous to mention. Have fun browsing through the available material on your own!

 Java World Magazine

This is one of the best Java magazines available anywhere and it is absolutely free! It contains a wealth of practical programming tips and news about the latest Java developments. Once again, there are many other goodies too numerous to mention. This is a magazine that you should be looking through on a regular basis.

 CNET Computer News Network

This is a general computer news site. It is one of the best around. It is not too early in your carriers to start becoming familiar with the industsry that you will eventually enter. Information is power - being informed makes you more powerful! So, learn to keep yourself informed. This is a site you should spend a few mintutes each day (well, OK, maybe every other day) browsing through.

 Computer Sweden

Here is your chance to read (in Swedish) computer industry news that is local to Sweden. Computer Sweden also exists as a weekly newspaper - but that is not free and this is! Highly recommended.