Past Exams for 2D1310 (Programmering Techniques) och 2D1311 (Progamming Techniques with PBL)

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Explanatory notes may be made in the book that is taken to the exam, however exam solutions may not be taken to the exam.

Note that there are two different ways to explain the same thing in question 5 on the Java exams. A method that is called and then returns before a picture of the computer's memory should be drawn can either be 1) drawn and then crossed over or 2) not drawn at all. The results of a called method should still be explained regardless of whether or not the memory used by the method is drawn.

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1 = one page per sheet
2 = two pages per sheet
Date Java Pascal
Exam Solution Exam Solution
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1998-10-24 ---   1    2     1    2   ---

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