2D1280, Strömningsmekaniska beräkningar/Computational fluid dynamics, 4 poäng

2D1280 is the first part of a comprehensive two-course unit on theory and practice of computational fluid dynamics. The second part, 5C1940, will be given in period 4 by the department of Mechanics. You are recommended to take both parts of the unit but they can also be taken separately;

Part 1, 2D1280, is an introduction to computational fluid dynamics. The emphasis is on the basic conservation laws and their numerical modeling. Modern methods for steady and unsteady compressible inviscid flow described by the Euler equations will be treated in some detail and viscous compressible flow in less detail. The application examples range from shock-tube flows and quasi-1D flow of a perfect gas through a nozzle, to plane viscous transonic flow. The computer labs use MATLAB. They illustrate such flow phenomena as Mach waves, shocks, and properties of numerical schemes for shocked flows.

Part 2, 5C1940 is mainly focused on incompressible flow. Different numerical methods using space discretization by finite volumes and finite elements will be developed and applied first to Stokes equations and then to the (Reynolds-averaged) Navier Stokes equations. The students will also be introduced to turbulence modeling and commercial state of the art software for flow simulations and visualization. The course finishes with a project work where the students can choose different real world applications and carry out the CFD analysis.

The course material includes a standard textbook, guidelines for CFD analyses, and supplementary lecture notes on e.g.numerical methods for hyperbolic partial differential equations and for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.

Current course info


The course this year (2001/2002) is called 5C1212 and is given jointly by Nada and the Department of Mechanics, more information at 5C1212 Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Responsible for the course is Katarina Gustavsson (, (KG) tel. 7906228 (office), Osquars Backe 2, room 1520 and Dan Henninson (, (DH), tel. 7909004.

Formal description, that is, the text in the studiehandbook.

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