2D1266, Matematiska modeller, analys och simulering, del 1, 5 poäng

Mathematical Models, Analysis and Simulation, Part I (5 credits)

NEWS: A reexamination will take place on June 8th, 8-13 in room 4523. I ask the interested students to contact me immediately.

The course will be given at KTH during the academic year 2006/2007. The first lecture is

Wednesday, August 30, 15-17
Lecture Room E3, Lindstedtsvägen 3

The course schedule is on the course home page (link below).

The course is organized by the department of Mathematics and the department of Numerical Analysis and Computer Science (NADA). It is open for both graduate and undergraduate students with appropriate background.

The goal of this course is to give basic knowledge of applied and numerical mathematics useful for scientific and engineering modelling.

Part I (fall 2006, period 1-2)

The textbook for part I of the course is
Introduction to Applied Mathematics, By G. Strang, Wellesley-Cambridge, 758 pages, Ed. 1986 or later.
The book gives a modern presentation of applied mathematics to students in engineering and science. The prerequisite for the course is knowledge of basic courses in mathematics and numerical analysis at a Swedish university, or the equivalent. Some experience of computer programming and the use of UNIX systems or personal computers is assumed. The homework and computer laboratories constitute a very important part of the course. Computer lab's will be done in MATLAB with existing software for the student to modify and experiment with. Anyone who needs an introduction to MATLAB is welcome to a short course given to the Master students starting autumn 2004. Contact Lennart Edsberg 7908119, for schedule information.

Here is the text of Studiehandboken.

Advance registration of PhD students to Viggo Kann, 7906292 is recommended. KTH undergraduate students have to register with their Sektionskansli ! . Further information about the course is given by

Michael Hanke,, (course administrator).

Course evaluation

By the end of the course I would like to ask you to answer the questions of the course evaluation form. You will then find a question-form here.

Use this button for getting the course evaluation form:

Below you can find the course evaluation results of previous years.
Course analysis for autumn-01 (in Swedish)
Course analysis for autumn-04
Course analysis for autumn-05

Current Course-information on part I

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