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Recent information on 2D1263, Scientific Computing

Exam in August 2000 . An extra exam will take place wednesday August 30, 8-13 o'clock in room E34.
Computer exercise 3
Concerning, lab 3, the time step must be set to 0.001, not 0.007 as stated in the instruction. Furthermore, for the given data, the forward Euler time stepping will not be stable, but the second order Runge-Kutta method will work. If you have problems, you can replace the state (5,-23.664,128.5) in the instruction by (3.375,-7.125,12.7589). You then get a slower and weaker wave, which should be run to time 1.8, and for which forward Euler works.
I have booked room 4523 on wednesday the 19th January 2000, 8-12 o'clock for a second exam. The previously given day,January 11th, was not suitable for a large number of students, and has therefore been moved to the 19th.
Old exams
Solutions for the exam that was given 21/10 are available here.
The final exam will take place the 21st of October, in room F12, 8:00-13:00. The exams from the previous semester in March, and in June, are available.


Lecturer is Björn Sjögreen,


Handed out during the course. The lecture notes from spring 1999 are available.


There will be 12 lectures, each 2x45 minutes, starting the 1/9 1999 at 10:15 in room 4523, NADA, 5th floor. The lectures will be given tuesdays at 10:15 (starting the 14/9) in room 4523, and thursdays at 13:15-15:00 in room 4523 ( exeptions the 2/9 at 13:15 in room 1537, the 30/9 at 10:15 in room 4523 ). During the week 6-10 September there will be no lectures. A preliminary planning for the lectures:
Introduction. Handling of geometry, different methods for grid generation. The language C++. Implementation of a grid generator in C++.
Different kinds of partial differential equations. Difference approximations on curviilinear grids. Truncation error. Handling of boundary conditions, and implementation in C++. Data structures for CFD, examples of CFD codes.
Parallel computers, partitioning of a computational domain on a machine with distributed memory. Programming with MPI. Load balancing, and performance modelling. Different types of computers.


There will be 3 compulsory programming excercises. For exercise 2, you can start from the program starting-point.C. For exercise 3, you need the difference operator in the file step.f.

Example programs

Fractional numbers 1
Fractional numbers 2
Simple vector class.
Simple vector class with templates.
Simple C exercises
A C++ class exercise with a suggested solution

Some books and links

Answerbooks at Sun microsystems.
C++ tutorial
List of references
The MPI tutorial from EPCC at Edinburgh.
The MPI homepage contains documents describing the MPI standard, and other MPI related information.
Link to overture home page.
Link to OpenMP home page.

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