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Recent information on 2D1263, Scientific Computing

Lecturers : Björn Sjögreen. Office 4518. Phone 790 7188 and Marco Kupiainen. Office 1526.

Literature : Lecture notes will be handed out during the course. In addition, extracts from books and journals will be handed out.

Schedule : Lecures are given in room 4523 at the following dates.

Other reading : These books are not required for the course, but are recommended to those who would like to learn more.

Examination : A written exam will be given May 24th Three mandatory programming exercises must be completed to pass the course. The course gives 4 credits ("poäng"), distributed with 2 on the exam and 2 on the computer exercises.

Programming exercises : There will be three exercises. These can be done individually or in groups of two or three. Written reports should be handed in for each exercise.

  1. Algebraic grid generation. Due March 5th. The lab consists of exercies 1-4 on pages 42-43, section 3.5, in the lecture notes.
  2. A parallel array class. Due April 30th.
  3. Solve a PDE problem on the grid using the parallel array class. Due May 24th.

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