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Recent information on 2D1263, Scientific Computing

Latest news

[August 7 2002]
The next exam will be held on Tuesday August 20, 14-19 in room L21.
[May 16 2002]
There will be two different opportunities to take the exam this spring: 30 May or 1 June (more info below). If none of the dates are suitable there will be an exam in August as well.
[February 11 2002]
The previously postponed lecture has been rescheduled for February 22, 13.15-15.00 in 4523.
[February 8 2002]
Supplementary lecture notes on parallel programming & MPI added.
[February 1 2002]
Today's lecture has been postponed due to illness.
[January 23 2002]
Computer bookings have been confirmed and the schedule is now completely up to date.
[January 21 2002]
Final schedule for lectures posted.


The lecturer is Christer Andersson ( Kyoung-Sook Moon ( and Sandy Sefi ( are teaching assistants, and will answer question regarding computer laborations outside of scheduled classes.

Office hours
Christerdoes not answer questions outside of scheduled classes
Kyoung-SookThursdays 15-17, room 1522
SandyWednesdays 16-18, room 4443

Schedule & Course plan

Monday21/113.15-15.004523 Overview of techniques for grid generation with emphasis on structured boundary-fitted grids. Introduction to C++ and object-oriented programming. Efficiency and optimization for single processor architectures. Implementation of algebraic grid generator.
Friday 25/113.15-15.004523
Monday 28/113.15-15.004523
Friday 1/213.15-15.004523
Monday 4/213.15-15.004523 Partial differential equations. Difference approximations on curvilinear grids and analysis of numerical schemes. Parallel programming for distributed memory architectures using MPI. Metrics for parallel performance. Implementation of distributed array class using MPI.
Friday 8/213.15-15.004523
Monday18/213.15-15.001537 The incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. The structure of a computational fluid dynamics solver (CFD). Handling of boundary conditions. Brief overview of existing CFD codes, other parallel architectures and Fortran 90. Implementation of a parallel CFD solver.
Computer exercises
DateTimeLab There may be computers available in the labs outside of scheduled classes. Please refer to Nada's computer usage page for more information.
Tuesday 29/110.00-12.00orange
Tuesday 12/210.00-12.00orange
Tuesday 26/210.00-12.00orange
Tuesday 12/310.00-12.00orange
Tuesday 23/410.00-12.00orange
Tuesday 7/510.00-12.00orange


The course literature is handed out during the lectures. The main text consists of the lecture notes written by Björn Sjögreen for the 1999 rendition of the course. Additional material will be made available in postscript format below as it is distributed.
January 21 General course information
Some simple C++ exercises
Transparencies 1 + Transparencies 2
January 25 Transparencies 3 + Transparencies 4
January 28 Transparencies 5 + Transparencies 6
February 4 Transparencies 7 +
(Some information on how to view & print postscript files.)

Computer laborations

There are three compulsory laborations (2 credits) to be done individually or in groups of two students. Each computer laboration must be documented in a report consisting of the complete source code, sufficient comments and explanations to understand the program, and results from program execution (e.g. plots). It is recommended that you submit reports by email to Kyoung-Sook Moon ( or Sandy Sefi (

Written exam

In addition to the laborations students are required to pass a written exam (2 credits). There are two opportunities to take the exam during spring 2002 (you only have to write one of course): Another exam will be given in August.

Some previous exams with suggested solutions

Source code

Online references

C++ & Object-oriented programming

Parallel programming

Numerical Analysis

The above mentioned numerical analysis sites contain a wealth of links, some of which are too advanced for this course.

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