2D1263, Scientific Computing, 4 credits

NEWS: This course has been given 2005/06 for the last time.

General description

The course treats the specific difficulties encountered at larger computational tasks, especially solution of partial differential equations. A typical example is fluid mechanical computations (CFD). Efficient and flexible software is very important for such problems.

The course gives a description of the language C++, and shows how object oriented software techniques can be used in numerical computations.

The course describes techniques for grid generation in non-trivial geometries, and shows how partial differential equations can be transformed to rectangular domains.

For increased efficiency, parallel computers are necessary. The course describes message passing using MPI. Parallel programming exercises will be handed out. Efficiency and optimization of codes, on different types of processors will be treated.

Formal description, that is, the text in the studiehandbook.

Present course: period 3-4 05/06

Responsible for the course is Michael Hanke .

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