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Schedule Visualisation Spring 2005

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Schedule Spring 2006


The schedule may change, check it regularly.

Some lessons have both a regular class room and a computer room indicated. This implies that we will start in that regular room, go through the theory of the day and then continue with practical exercises in the computer room.

     Date       Time Room Topic Lecturer
2006-01-27 09–12 V12, Violett F1. Introduction lars
2006-02-02 Course registration in res to be completed, some have had problems - we will have to sort that out.
2006-02-02 09–12 V12, Violett F2. Scalar data Lars
2006-02-03 10-12 V12 F3. Designing visualizations Lars
2006-02-09 09–12 V12, Violett F4. Vector data Lars, Ulf A
2006-02-10 10-12 V12 F5. Animation and interaction Lars
2006-02-16 09–12 L21, Violett F6. Volume data and geometry Lars
2006-02-17 10-12 V12 Cancelled Lars


V12 Visualization of uncertainty Kai


Violett Lab, exercise Lars, UlfA
2006-02-28 08–12 Violett Lab Lars, UlfA
2006-03-02 10-11 V12 F9. cancelled Fredrik
2006-03-02 11.30-12 Nalen, Osquars backe 2, floor 6 Haptics demo Jonas
2006-03-02 13-15 4523 F9. Old exams Lars
2006-03-09 10-11 Violett Exercise demo; last chance Lars
2006-03-14 8-13 D35 Exam  
2006-03-27 Deadline for laboratory report to be submitted

Sidansvarig: Lars Kjelldahl, Nada, KTH <lassekj@nada.kth.se>
Uppdaterad: 2006-01-16