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2D1257 Visualisation Spring 2006

Laboratory exercises

There is a set of four smaller exercises. These are voluntary, but each of them that has been satisfactorily demonstrated 2006-02-28 at the latest, will count as one point on question 1 on the exam. (They cannot be reused on make-up exams.)

There is also a larger, mandatory laboratory exercise that is to be done individually. The written lab report has to be delivered by email to lassekj 'at' nada.kth.se 2006-03-08 at the latest.

On 2006-03-09 there will be a lab session when you can demonstrate laboratory exercise.

The text for the exercises and the mandatory laboratory exercise will be made available in pdf-format here:

exercise1, exercise2, exercise3, exercise4, laboratory exercise

Help with exercise 1: Sequencer

Sidansvarig: Lars Kjelldahl, Nada, KTH <lassekj@nada.kth.se>
Uppdaterad: 2006-01-16