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2D1257 Visualisation Spring 2006

Course literature, preliminary list


OpenDX - Paths to Visualization by David Thompson, Jeff Braun and Ray Ford, 60 USD. The book has to be bought from the website given above.

This book does not cover much theory but is the best way to learn OpenDX, as well as explaining how to go about the practical matters of making a visualisation.

Course compendium

This can be purchased from the NADA student office for approximately150 SEK (exact figure not yet available). It contains the course schedule, the laboratory exercises, old exams and the following articles:

"Visualization of Scattered Meteorological Data: Study of Severe Rainfall Events in Northwestern Peru", by Lloyd A Treinish, Proceedings of the 1996 IBM Visualization Data Explorer Symposium, 1996.
"Graphical Perception: Theory, Experimentation and Application to the Development of Graphical Methods", by William S Cleveland and Robert McGill, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 79(387), 1984.
"Why Should Engineers and Scientists Be Worried About Color?", by Bernice E Rogowitz and Lloyd A Treinish, 2001.
"Perceptual Techniques for Scientific Visualization", by Christopher G Healey, SIGGRAPH '99 Course Notes #6, 1999, see also Preattentive Processing in Visualization.
"Imaging Vector Fields Using Line Integral Convolution", by Brian Cabral and Leith Leedom, Computer Graphics 27(4), 1993.
"Visualizing Multivalued Data from 2D Incompressible Flows Using Concepts from Painting", by R M Kirby, H Marmanis and D H Laidlaw, IEEE Visualization, 1999.
"Marching Cubes: A High Resolution 3D Surface Construction Algorithm", by William E Lorensen and Harvey E Cline, Computer Graphics 21(4), 1987.
"Showing Shape with Texture—Two Directions are Better than One", by Sunghee Kim, Haleh Hagh-Shenas and Victoria Interrante, 2003.
"An Interaction View of Information Visualization", by Robert Kosara, Helwig Hauser and Donna L. Gresh, Eurographics 2003, 2003.
"The Visual Haptic Workbench", by Milan Ikits and J. Dean Brederson, in The Visualization Handbook, ed. Charles D. Hansen and Christopher R. Johnson, 2004.
"Sonification Report: Status of the Field and Research Agenda", by Gregory Kramer, Bruce Walker, Terri Bonebright, Perry Cook, John Flowers, Nadine Miner, John Neuhoff, Robin Bargar, Stephen Barrass, Jonathan Berger, Grigori Evreinov, W. Tecumseh Fitch, Matti Gröhn, Steve Handel, Hans Kaper, Haim Levkowitz, Suresh Lodha, Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Mary Simoni, Sever Tipei, ICAD, 1997.

Additional voluntary reading

The Visualization Toolkit, 3rd ed, by William Schroeder, Ken Martin and Bill Lorensen.
The Visualization Toolkit User's Guide by William Schroeder et al.
Interactive Computer Graphics, 3rd ed by Edward Angel.
The visual display of quantitative information, Envisioning information and Visual Explanations by Edward Tufte.
How to Lie with Charts by Gerald Everett Jones.

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