2D1225, Numerisk behandling av differentialekvationer I, 4 poäng

In science and engineering, differential equations are the most common mathematical model used. Newton's force law and the heat equation are but two examples of an ordinary and a partial differential equation. taken from this important problem class.

This continuation course is designed for KTH-students in the B,I,K,L,M,T and V programmes (PhD students from these programmes are also welcome). The course gives an applied insight into the tools needed for treatment and solution of problems in this important area of computational science.

The course begins where the elementary courses 2D1210, Numeriska Metoder gk I or 2D1240, Numeriska Metoder gk II end, i.e. we continue with numerical methods for ordinary and partial differential equations. The course is not purely numerical; modeling of differential equations and mathematical properties will also be treated. Hence the course is integrated to a "4M-approach":

- Modeling - Mathematics - Methods - Matlab -

The course is built on computer labs using Matlab as programming tool and Matlab toolboxes as application programs. A minor part of the course consists of a core of ideas, theory and notation making it possible to understand how methods and software work.

As a taster of the course, the first chapter in a compendium is found HERE, where you also find an outline of the remaining chapters.

Next course to be given autumn-2007. Welcome!

If you need more information about the course, please feel free to contact the instructor Lennart Edsberg.
For a short introduction, you find the first chapter HERE

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course analysis for autumn-04 (in Swedish)

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The information was changed 29 augusti 2004. Instructor is Lennart Edsberg.

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