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Human-Robot Interaction
at IPLab

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An autonomous service robot operates in the users' own environment, performing independent tasks to reach a user's goals. Interaction models should apply to users that are not computer experts, and must consider both normal and unexpected situations.

  • What are the conditions for humans' acceptance of a service robot in their immediate physical environment?
  • How can "natural" interaction with a robot be designed, e.g. in terms of suitable channels and modes for communication? What metaphors might underly the design?
  • How can the robot's perception, competence, and awareness of the world be represented in a form accessible to the user?
  • How can the interaction design ensure safety, by allowing users to easily stop the robot or change its instructions?

Principle investigator:

Kerstin Severinson Eklundh



The research is performed with the support of the HMI graduate school, The Swedish Graduate School of Language Technology and in collaboration with the Centre for Autonomous Systems (CAS) at KTH.

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