IAB-charsets information resources

This inofficial collection of links to Internet resources related to coded character set issues has been compiled by Peter Svanberg <psv@nada.kth.se> and Olle Järnefors <ojarnef@admin.kth.se>.

Most important documents

gellens-telnet-char-option-01 (individual Internet draft)
Basic concepts and terms of character set technology
822ext-mime-imb-06 (Internet draft) (New version)
MIME part 1: Format of Internet Message Bodies
822ext-mime-imt-04 (Internet draft) (New version)
MIME part 2: Media types
822ext-mime-conf-05 (Internet draft) (New version)
MIME part 5: Conformance Criteria and Examples
822ext-mime-reg-03 (Internet draft) (New version)
On suggested charset registration procedures (chapter 5)
822ext-mime-hdrs-00 (Internet draft) (New version)
MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Part Three: Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text
RFC 1700
Assigned Numbers, page 100-117.
Note that IANA has added a numbering scheme from RFC 1759 (Printer MIB)
RFC 1345
Keld Simonsen's Mnemonics
html-i18n-04 (Internet draft)
HTML Internationalization

ISO/IEC 10646 (UCS) - Unicode

Other coded character sets
and character encoding schemes

RFC 1641
Using Unicode with MIME
RFC 1642
UTF-7 - A Mail-Safe Transformation Format of Unicode
ISO 2022
Concise description of ISO/IEC 2022 (by Olle Järnefors )
RFC 1468
Japanese Character Encoding for Internet Messages
RFC 1557
Korean Character Encoding for Internet Messages
zhu-apng-cc-encoding-v2-02 (individual Internet draft)
Chinese Character Encoding for Internet Messages
RFC 1456
Conventions for Encoding the Vietnamese Language
(Software and fonts are available)
RFC 1842 and RFC 1843
Two different Chinese encoding schemes
RFC 1554
ISO-2022-JP-2: Multilingual Extension of ISO-2022-JP
RFC 1555
Hebrew Character Encoding for Internet Messages
RFC 1556
Handling of Bi-directional Texts in MIME
RFC 1489
Registration of a Cyrillic Character Set
RFC 1947
Greek Character Encoding for Electronic Mail Messages

Internet protocols

RFC 1344
Implications of MIME for Internet Mail Gateways
RFC 1521
MIME part I
RFC 1563
RFC 1766
Tags for the Identification of Languages
RFC 1502
X.400 Use of Extended Character Sets
RFC 959
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
RFC 854
Telnet protocol
RFC 821, RFC 1651, RFC 1652
SMTP with 8BIT MIME extension
RFC 822
Mail format
RFC 977, RFC 1036, son-of-RFC1036
News article format and NNTP protocol; Old pre-draft
RFC 1630
Universal Resource Identifiers in WWW
RFC 1736, RFC 1738
Uniform Resource Locators (URL)
RFC 1737
Uniform Resource Names (URN)
RFC 1436
Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP
RFC 1866, RFC 1867, html-i18n-04 (Internet draft)
HTML, HTML forms and internationalization
RFC 1835, wnils-whois-07 (Internet draft)
RFC 1730
IMAP version 4
RFC 1725
POP version 3
RFC 1034, RFC 1035, RFC 1123, RFC 1101, RFC 1035, RFC 1706
Domain Name System

Conversion between coded character sets

Mapping tables
Unicode tables
The TERENA C3 system for conversion between any pair of coded character sets
POSIX charmaps


RFC 373
Arbitrary character sets

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