Association with the Graduate School for Human-Machine Interaction

The Graduate School for Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) was created in 1996 with support by the Foundation for Strategic Research. The goals of HMI are:

· to increase Swedish competence in human-machine interaction by educating specialists who can communicate with users as well as developers

· to make these specialists useful and attractive for Swedish industry

· to increase the quality of Swedish research within human-machine interaction to the highest international level.

HMI currently consists of two research centers, one in Linköping and one in Stockholm. The school offers a range of interdisciplinary courses as well as graduate supervision within specified research themes. The students who graduate from the school will be certified HMI specialists.

There is a limited number of graduate positions in HMI funded through the SSF grant. In addition, the school admits graduate students with other forms of funding through association. Basic requirements for admission to the HMI Graduate School are that the student has already been admitted to Ph.D. studies at a university department (the "mother department"), and that the student has a research orientation close to the themes expressed in the HMI programme plan.

How to apply for association to the HMI school

Students who wish to become associated with to the HMI school should send an application to the HMI secretariat. The application should contain the following parts:

· A letter containing information about the student's background and motivation for study in HMI, including academic degree and completed graduate course credits with relevance for HMI;

· A plan for the student's graduate studies within HMI, including courses and thesis topic (this plan will be regularly updated);

· Information about how the graduate studies will be funded.

The application will be dealt with by the HMI Graduate School Committee. It should be sent to The HMI Secretariat, Elisabeth Peterson, IKP, Linköping University, 581 83 Linköping.

It is assumed that both the applicant and her/his main advisor are well familiar with the requirements of the HMI school in terms of courses, thesis work etc., as expressed in the Directives for Graduate Studies in HMI.