The PDC Cube is a six-sided Cave at KTH,
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Sweden.

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The PDC Cube

A new fully immersive visualization environment was inaugurated on October 23d 1998 at the Center for Parallel Computers.


The virtual reality environment (called the Cube) is a fully immersive VR-CUBE system built by the German manufacturer TAN Projektionstechnologie.

The Cube is a room in which stereoscopic images are displayed on the four walls, the floor, and the ceiling.
The six displays are synchronized to provide the users with a single surrounding 3D view.
The perspective in the images displayed is adjusted according to the position and viewing direction of one of the users.

The stereoscopic effect is achieved by simultaneously displaying two different perspectives of an image on the room's six surfaces.
The user wears LCD shutter glasses, which allow each eye to view only one of the two perspectives.

Tracking sensors are attached to the user's head, as well as to a pointing device or a glove.
In this way, the projected images can be updated in real time according to changes in the user's position and viewing angle.
The result is a fully immersive VR environment.
The Cube is primarily used for scientific visualizations, visual simulations and virtual art.

Immersed Vouni-visitors in the VR-cube