Traces, conceived by artist Simon Penny, is a project for networked immersive virtual reality spaces known as CAVEs. The root of the project is a long-standing concern over the disembodying quality of the VR experience. Conventional head mounted displays dissect the body, privileging visuality to the exclusion of bodily senses.

Traces allows the full body to be used in interaction, by building a multi-camera vision system which constructs a real-time body model of the user. The user's body movements generate gossamer spatial traces that exhibit the dynamics and volumes of bodies, but are translucent and ephemeral.

MARS Group at GMD Bonn

More information:
Artistic concepts and production in extended performance

Concept: Simon Penny
Realisation: Andre Bernhardt, Jamie Schulte, Phoebe Sengers, Jeffry Smith
Production: Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss
Awards/Exhibition: Cyberstar '98, Köln (First prize) Ars Electronica '99 Linz (Honorary mention)