Seance Box No. 1

Seance Box No. 1 is a prototype installation created by artist Ken Feingold that explores issues about linking between real, surrogate and virtual spaces. A networked tele-puppet, a human controller, a software agent and an interacting audience engage in a complex language game of rhyme, alliteration and seemingly prophetic speech. Seance Box No. 1 can be understood as a kind of model stage for the future of participatory theatre.

ZKM Karlsruhe

More information:
An Artist Directed Mixed Reality Environment

Seance Box No.1 - work in progress (1999)
Concept: Ken Feingold
Software realisation: Ken Feingold, Gideon May, Adolf Mathias, Andreas Schiffler, Timo Fleisch, Boriana Koleva a.o.
Hardware realisation Joachim Hund, H. Carl Ott, Armin Steinke, Ken Feingold
Events: NET_CONDITION, September 1999-Febuary 2000, ZKM Karlsruhe