Murmuring Fields

Murmuring Fields is a mixed reality installation composed of a stage, a back-projected video wall and an interface to the Internet. Visitors are engulfed in a soundscape consisting of the four voices of media philosophers Vilem Flusser, Marvin Minsky, Paul Virilio and Josef Weizenbaum, together with sound samples.

One or two protagonists control the sound stage by their position. The layers of language and sound of each participant intersect and weave together, thereby generating an environment of communication. That communication is augmented by a visual map, projected on one of the walls, showing the position of each participant with an avatar. The mixed reality stage superimposes physical and audio-visual virtual space and is perceived as a room furnished with data.

MARS Group at GMD Bonn

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Murmuring Fields (1998/99)
Concept: Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss
Realisation: Elisabeth Kaliva, Thomas Kulessa, Rainer Liesendahl, Christoph Seibert, Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, Udo Zlender
Exhibitions: Transmediale '99, Berlin; Fidena '99, Bochum