VRML based Extended Galleries

This paper presents our work and research findings on developing the concept of extended galleries. It describes further development of the original "Home of the Brain" VR installation developed in 1992 as a metaphor for virtual space as a public forum.

An artistic concept of a multi-user space is introduced, focusing on the notion of virtual space as a stage setting and on behaviours and interactions of people in an extended gallery space. The notion of user representation is replaced by the notion of user enactment and avatar is treated as an extended body of communication. Several artistic interaction scenarios are presented accompanied by an instinctive and invisible interface environment.

A VRML based extended gallery demonstrator, "Murmuring Fields", is presented as an mixed-reality shared environment installation for several users and as a decentralised network architecture supporting large number of users across Internet.

The work has strong links to eRENA tasks 4.1 Spatial structuring techniques, 6.1 Navigation for the senses and 6.2 Linking between real and virtual places.

Authors: Wolfgang Strauss (GMD), Monika Fleischmann (GMD), Jasminko Novak (GMD), Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen (GMD)

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