Using image processing and machine vision techniques, BFinder is a system for facilitating audience participation as an aggregated group. It utilises the combination of video with virtual environments interaction in novel ways, and was demonstrated within eRENA as a component of a Group Interaction workshop held at ZKM.

The audience interacted with a four projection display and the associated audio in the EVE dome by congregating in groups and moving around the dome floor. The floor space was divided into regions which were then mapped onto the audio streams. As the groups moved around these regions, the audio signals were manipulated and rendered in real time as a function of the group's activities.

BT (Adastral Park) with CID at KTH Stockholm

More information:
Mixed Reality Group Interaction
Motion Control of Crowds

Concept: Jason Morphett (BT), John Bowers (KTH)
Development: Jason Morphett (BT)
Integration: John Bowers (KTH), Bernd Lintermann (ZKM), Jason Morphett (BT) and Ian Taylor (Nottingham)