Shape from texture for smooth curved surfaces in perspective projection

Jonas Gårding

J. of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, vol. 2, pp. 329--352, Dec. 1992.


Projective distortion of surface texture observed in a perspective image can provide direct information about the shape of the underlying surface. Previous theories have generally concerned planar surfaces; in this paper we present a systematic analysis of first- and second-order texture distortion cues for the case of a smooth curved surface. In particular, we analyze several kinds of texture gradients and relate them to snadace orienCVAP/tation and surface curvature. The local estimates obtained from these cues can be integrated to obtain a global surface shape, and we show that the two surfaces resulting from the well-known tilt ambiguity in the local foreshortening cue typically have qualitatively different shapes. As an example of a practical application of the analysis, a shape from texture algorithm based on local orientation-selective filtering is described, and some experimental results are shown.

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