Uncalibrated Relief Reconstruction and Model Alignment from Binocular Disparities

Jonas Gårding, John Porrill, John P Frisby, John E W Mayhew

Tech. Rep. ISRN KTH/NA/P--96/02--SE, Jan. 1996. Shortened version in Proc. 4th European Conference on Computer Vision, Cambridge, UK, April 1996.


We propose a computational scheme for uncalibrated reconstruction of scene structure up to a relief transformation from binocular disparities. This scheme, which we call regional disparity correction (RDC), is motivated both by computational considerationnadad by psyCVAP/chophysical observations regarding human stereoscopic depth perception. We describe an implementation of RDC, and demonstrate its performance experimentally. As an example of applications of RDC, we show how it can be used to align a three-dimensional object model with an uncalibrated disparity field.

Full paper: (PostScript 404k)

Jonas Gårding <jnadag@bion.kCVAP/th.se>