Surface Orientation and Curvature from Differential Texture Distortion

Jonas Gårding

Shortened version in Proc. 5th International Conference on Computer Vision, Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 1995.


A unified differential geometric framework for estimation of local surface shape and orientation from projective texture distortion is proposed, based on a generalization of the texture stationarity assumption introduced by Malik & Rosenholtz. This framework allows the information content of the gradient of any texture descriptor defined in a local coordinate frame to be characterized in a very compact form. The analysis is then specialized to three classes of texture descriptors; full affine descriptors, the classical ``texture gradients'' and second moment descriptors. For estimation of local surface orientation and curvature from uncertain observations of affine texture distortion, the proposed framework allows the dimensionality of the search space to be reduced from five to one.

ICCV'95 version: (PostScript 90k)

Full paper: (PostScript 193k)

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