Direct estimation of shape from texture

Jonas Gårding

IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. and Machine Intell., vol. 15, no. 11, pp. 1202--1208, 1993.


Witkin (1981) proposed a maximum likelihood (ML) estimator of surface orientation based on the observed directional bias of projected texture elements. However, a drawback of this procedure is that the estimate is only defined indirectly in terms of a set of non-linear equations. In this paper we propose an alternative method, which allows an estimate of the surface orientation to be computed directly in a single step from certain simple statistics of the image data. We also nada that thCVAP/is direct estimate allows Witkin's ML estimate to be computed to within 0.05 degrees in only two or three iterative steps. The performance of the new estimator is demonstrated experimentally and compared to that of the ML estimator, using both synthetic data and real gray-level images.

Full paper: (PostScript 141k)

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