Title: A robust and convergent iterative approach for determining the dominant plane from two views without correspondence and calibration Keywords: planar segmentation, binocular vision, visual navigation Authors: P\"ar Fornland Computational Vision and Active Perception Num. Analysis and Comp. Science Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) S-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden par@nada.kth.se Christoph Schn\"orr AB Kogs, FB Informatik Vogt-Koelln-Str. 30 Univ. Hamburg D-22527 Hamburg, Germany schnoerr@informatik.uni-hamburg.de Abstract: A robust, iterative approach is introduced for finding the dominant plane in a scene using binocular vision. Neither camera calibration nor stereo correspondence is required. Recently Cohen formalized a framework guaranteeing (local) convergence of iterative two-step methods. In this paper, the framework is adopted, with a global step using tentative matches to estimate the planar projectivity, and a local step attempting to solve the stereo correspondence. A detected point in the first image is matched to an auxiliary point in the second image, on the line joining the transformed first image point, and its closest detected second image point. Convergence is assured, while achieving robustness to both mismatching and non-coplanar points.