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Participants and References

Directly involved in the cooperation on development of the image processing system and pilot installation and study at Aftonbladet 1983-86 were

Graphic workers at Aftonbladet
Björn Sporsén and Lennart Jansson

Management at Aftonbladet
Ingvar Hall

Developers of TIPS at IMTEC/Teragon
Lars Blomberg, Gunilla Lönnemark, Björn Kruse and Sven Holmberg

Merete Bartholdy (DAIMI, Arhus University), Bo Ericsson and Malte Eriksson (graphic repro workers), Ewa Gunnarsson (ALC, Swedish Centre for Working Life Research), Kerstin Frenckner, Caroline Nordquist, Staffan Romberger and Yngve Sundblad (NADA, KTH)

Other Utopia members involved 1981-84 in the background work, including Utopia's requirements specification, and as discussion partners were

Pelle Ehn, Angelika Dilschmann, Åke Sandberg and Dan Sjögren, ALC
Björn Burell, Bernt Eriksson and Martin Eriksson, Swedish graphic workers
Kerstin Severinson Eklundh, NADA, KTH
Morten Kyng, Susanne Bødker, Kurt Jensen and John Kammersgaard, DAIMI, Aarhus
Gunnar Rasmussen, Danish graphic worker
Gunnar Kokaas, chairman of reference group from Nordic Graphic Union

This Qualiteque presentation 1996

The retrieval, translation and compilation of Utopia material into this presentation has been made by Axel Henriksson, Staffan Romberger and Yngve Sundblad, with support from CID, the Competence Centre for user-oriented IT-design, NADA, KTH

References in English

Descriptions of the Utopia project work

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Functional and technical description of the image processing system

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General conclusions and developments of Utopian design methodology

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References in Swedish

The following reports describe image processing and page make-up and the study at Aftonbladet. Report no. 6 is a preliminary specification of requirements on page make-up, image processing, work organization, work environment, human-computer interaction and training. Each of these areas are elaborated in later reports, page-make-up in no. 12, image processing in no. 14. The last two reports describe the study at Aftonbladet.

Pelle Ehn & Yngve Sundblad (eds.): Kravspecifikation för datorstödd bildbehandling och ombrytning på dagstidningar, Utopia report no.6, 1983

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